The safety and well-being for our members of the National Construction Council (NCC) is our highest priority. With an ever-changing situation, we are committed to monitoring these changes and protocols as it pertains to the protection and well being of members and public.

Please refer to this COVID-19 Scenarios Grid to help direct members to benefits and information depending on your situation.

We support the guidelines and recommendations from the Canadian Government and Health Canada as well as local health authorities in the areas our members work.

We urge members to be diligent about these protocols set and mandated by these governing bodies including:

  • Performing work with social distancing where possible. If you feel this is not possible, please call your Site Rep for clarification and direction.
  • Be diligent about personal hygiene (Hand washing and for 20 seconds minimum, use of sanitizer, no handshakes, and working and breaking with 2 meters between coworkers.
  • Working with our contractors to set site specific protocols by reducing employee populations via staggered breaks and lunch schedules, increased sanitization of lunch and break rooms or elimination of them altogether and ensuring social distancing. If you feel this is not happening or have concerns, please call your Site Rep for clarification and direction.

As our members safety is our continued priority, we will continue to monitor our safety measures and standards throughout our jobsites, ensuring the wellbeing of our members. The NCC will continue to follow guidelines set by government authorities and act responsibly to help flatten the curve and contain the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

Please click here to download an overview of COVID-19 SCENARIOS FOR UBC MEMBERS

COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification

This short online and informative course will educate members on how to protect themselves, their fellow workers, and stop the spread of COVID-19. The course will familiarize you with guidance to Prepare Workplaces for COVID-19 and recommended jobsite protocols.

The online course is to be viewed as recommended best practices and is provided solely as suggested guidelines and resources for members reference regarding COVID-19. The online course is not to be relied upon to prevent the spread or transmission of COVID-19 on any specific job site or to prevent a safety violation from being issued by a jurisdictional authority. All contractors must continue to comply with all relevant rules and regulations concerning workplace safety and health. This is not legal advice.

Contractors should regularly evaluate their health and safety procedures, as well as the specific hazards at their job sites, consistent with their Provincial authorities and the Public Health Agency of Canada recommendations to determine the appropriate job hazard analysis and safety procedures for the project / task as it relates to the spread and / or transmission of COVID-19. All contractors should incorporate COVID-19 transmission and prevention into all job hazard analyzes (JHAs) and pre-task safety planning for all aspects of the work. In addition, all projects should require social distancing, hand washing on a regular basis, and no large group meetings.

Click here to access this course:
1. Go to the website

2. On the top right-hand side, at the top click on “MEMBERS”

3. Scroll down to "UBC Member Training Opportunities"

4. Select "Access to the CITF Online Learning Center"

5. Select on “click here” - If this is your first time using the members portal on this website, you will be asked to create a profile.  If you have already created a profile simply log in with your previous credentials. 


If you are stuck on the Member Profile page, simply click on the UBC emblem at the top left-hand side of the website and repeat steps 2 – 5.  
This will give you access to the LMS and courses available to you.

If you have trouble logging in, please reach out to your Local Training Centre to verify your email address.

With CITF training, we will bring our union's high standard of safety to the places where it's needed most and we'll be an even stronger union when this is all over.

Contractors wishing to review this course, please contact us.