Labour Requests

The National Construction Council (NCC) will manage all multi-discipline labour requests by providing custom solutions for contractors and owners.

The NCC provides productivity collaboration prior to the commencement and during the life of the project to ensure understanding of market conditions and client needs. We provide trained onsite Site Representatives and Stewards to increase productivity and impose a proactive and collaborative approach to discipline and escalation. This includes monthly structured internal productivity meetings with these Stewards and Site Representatives to ensure the workforce remains aligned.

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Contractors & Owners

Contractors and owners have access to a National Database of skilled workers that dispatches and tracks training to ensure workers possess the right skills to match the job. Using this manpower request portal, contractors and owners can choose the skill sets and training required to deliver their project.

This portal, these site representatives, our training commitments, are all part of our commitment to provide multi-discipline teams that increase and maintain productivity and eliminate the markup process and inefficient, frivolous jurisdiction disputes.

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