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Maintaining the skills of the workers of the National Construction Council (NCC) and enabling them to do their very best work on the job is our top priority. The NCC considers skill, safety, productivity, and attitude to be the keys to success for our workers and contractors and owners.

We work with over 40 training centres in Canada and have the ongoing support and resources of the Carpenters International Training Centre.

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The National Construction Council (NCC) is dedicated to the safety and well-being of every worker. The priority of the NCC is to ensure a safe worksite for all workers on an NCC site regardless of classification.


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The NCC will proactively work with its workers and contractors to identify and mitigate against worksite safety hazards and practices through occupational health and safety training standards.

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The NCC has developed a common list of training classifications and certifications that every worker of the NCC are required to present prior to dispatch. These are the Work Ready for Dispatch training certifications that are required as a minimum, regardless of classification or level (apprentice or journeyperson).


  • WHMIS - GHS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System - Globally Harmonized System) also known as WHIMS 2015
  • Fall Protection
  • First Aid
  • Confined Space  
  • Aerial Lift/Elevated Work Platform
  • Respectful Workplace Training

All training is entered into our extensive and secure TRAIN Training database where Contractors have access to view member training records. Please contact us for information on Contractor Access to the TRAIN Training Database.

It is also recognized that there may be further provincial certifications that are required, and these will be assessed prior to job confirmation.

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