The New Standard

The National Construction Council (NCC) is a new and innovative labour supply model that can adapt to the changing need of the Canadian construction industry. We recognize that flexibility and responsiveness to the rapidly changing construction and maintenance industries is critical if we are to remain competitive and relevant.

In order to increase market share and opportunities, the NCC provides a multi-discipline solution. This model is designed to create new and positive relationships, using the significant national assets of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC), in areas such as training, servicing, negotiating, and dispatch.

These resources developed by the UBC are unmatched in the Canadian labour market. It is now time to consolidate these assets under one structure by creating a national option for contractors and owners.

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Why NCC?

The National Construction Council is the new standard - a model that listens to the needs of contractors and owners.

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Value Proposition

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters in Canada has created the National Construction Council to be an effective, timely and project-specific response to the changing needs of contractors and owners prior to and during the life of a project. The NCC labour model will enable contractors and owners to successfully and profitability operate their business with a labour partner that understands and supports their goals. This labour model establishes a new relationship and way of doing business through a value proposition that is substantive and measurable.

Our value proposition will be articulated to NCC contractors and owners and the NCC will be accountable for delivering its value proposition through constant reviews and measurement. NCC workers will also fulfill this commitment through a signed Standard for Excellence.