About Us

The National Construction Council (NCC) is the new standard - a standard that listens to the needs of contractors and owners. The NCC is committed to co-creating continual, discernible value with our partners. The NCC provides you with one operation to staff and maintain your workforce needs from start to finish with strong values and priorities in safety, efficiency, productivity, and quality.

We provide a multi-discipline labour supply and are committed to productivity collaboration prior to the start of your project and throughout. We commit to monthly internal productivity meetings with Stewards and Site Representatives to ensure workforce alignment.

The NCC delivers a workforce with a comprehensive commitment to provide the best trained members who bring professional attitudes, strong productivity, and superior attendance.

Our Commitment to Excellence



Setting and achieving specific productivity and safety targets



No unwarranted absenteeism

Hard Hat


Arriving at work on time, fit and prepared for work with the proper tools and clothing, working a full day and keeping breaks to the prescribed limit


Delays & Slowdowns

No work slowdowns or activity that can delay the completion of the project


Alcohol & Drugs

An alcohol and drug free workplace with strict adherence to established drug and alcohol policies

Crane Truck

Personal Business

No personal business conducted on company time


Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces

Respecting and adhering to contractor and owner site rules, work procedures, policies and directives; Respectful and inclusive workplace practices for all employees

Tools Gear

Skills & Training

Arriving to work Work Ready with skills and training required for the job

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Why NCC?

  • The NCC is utilizing innovative IT solutions to communicate with contractors in real-time with a Client Relations Management (CRM) software program and training database that gives clients access to a national database of skilled workers.
  • Site Representatives and Shop Stewards are on the jobsite every day, to increase productivity and enforce a proactive and collaborative approach to discipline and resolution.
  • We track skills of individual members and demographics using the CRM to search specific geographical locations to ensure workers possess the right skills to match the job.
  • We have eliminated the markup process and inefficient and frivolous jurisdiction disputes.
  • We provide a national employee health and welfare and pension program and provide a one cheque remittance system.

The NCC has set the highest standard for labour in the Canadian construction and maintenance sector and we fundamentally understand that our success and ability to access future work opportunity is dependent on the success of the contractor and owners.

Welcome to the New Standard in Construction.